Looking to have your diverse and/or inclusive book turned into an audiobook? You’re in the right place! I narrate all types of books with a variety of accents and use a full voiced narration style. If you aren’t sure what that means, that’s okay. Check out my samples below!


Ruthie's Audiobook Samples

3rd POV, multiple masculine voices, epic fantasy, RP accent

Some Books Ruthie's Narrated

tentacles and teeth audiobook cover

Audiobook Narration Rates

My audiobook narration rate range is $30 per 1,000 words. This equates to about $280 Per Finished Hour, and will result in you receiving files ready for listener’s ears!

For indie or self-published authors, I accept contracts through ACX or Findaway Voices currently. 

In order to be considered for a RS+ or Voices Plus arrangement, I’ll need to go over your current online presence and review your book marketing plan with you. I bring a quite a bit to the table in terms of marketing, so I want to make sure it’s a solid business decision for the both of us.

*If you are representing an audiobook production company or major publisher, please contact me for project specific rates at ruthie @nomarketforthatbook.com .*

If you are not a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) author, then your story must at least be heavily inclusive for me to consider narrating it. If that is not the case, please understand that my rejection is not based on the quality of your book. It just means that your story is out of alignment with my brand’s mission of helping bring diverse and inclusive stories to audio. 

For Authors Wanting to Request Me Through Audiobook Production Companies

There are some audiobook production companies who will assure you that you can request me for your book, but will never reach out to me. Please send me a message or email with the company you’re considering, and I will let you know if they have a history of this behavior where I’m concerned. 

If you are selling or have sold your audio rights and did not include selection of narrators in your contract, then the production company can cast who they want, depending on the terms of your agreement. 

Book Trailer Voiceovers

Don’t have the budget for audiobook narration at this time but still would love to hear some of your book’s iconic scenes brought to life through audio? 

Go beyond text overlay and add voiceover to your book trailers and teasers.

One 30-60 second voiceover


Two 30-60 second voiceover


Three 30-60 second voiceover


Book trailer voiceovers can be created for synopsis style trailers or for scene trailers. You will provide the script, and I will offer any tweaks and recommendations before we finalize it and I record! 

Once the audio has been approved, I can provide the audio file to you and/or lay the audio over a trailer you’ve already created. 

You will be able to use my voice in a variety of different videos, and you’ll have the commercial license for that particular piece of audio(s).

Please email me at ruthie @nomarketforthatbook.com