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Blissful Masquerade Audio Reviews

“I’ve absolutely devoured every book in this series and listening to the first book in audio format just reminded me of how fantastic this series is. Elira masterfully adds in small details that may seem insignificant but really bring these characters to life and make them and their relationship feel realistic. The narrators do an excellent job of bringing these characters to life and drawing you into the story. The male narrator’s voice is deep and rich and everything I didn’t  know I needed in the audio book. The female narrator’s tone and inflection for Wren are impeccable. I truly cannot recommend this book and this entire series enough.”

“I found this story super adorable and spicy. I was cheesing for a lot of it and then fanning myself for a lot of it lol. Toward the end there’s a part that just filled me with joy and I laughed so hard. This was well narrated! Ruthi and Corvin make a great team!”

“I LOVED IT!!! It was absolutely amazing. I am a HUGE ruthless desires fan, a huge Elira Firethorn fan, so when she was making audiobooks for the series, I lost my shit. I was lucky enough to receive a review copy and I couldn’t stop listening. I have been  a Corvin King fan for a while, so when I heard he was going to play my favorite men I was ecstatic! His performance was perfect! And I loved that you could hear the difference between Rhett, Oliver, and Elliot. Ruthie Bowles fucking killed it as Wren, truely bringing out the character and this book to life. I absolutely loved it.

Blissful Masquerade Book Blurb

After walking away from her toxic boyfriend, Wren finds herself lonely and wondering if good men only exist in fiction.

But at a Valentine’s Day masquerade ball, she spots them—the three men who meet every week at the coffee shop she works at. The ones who’ve always looked at her like she’s the most interesting thing on the whole planet.

She figures they won’t recognize her, but there’s no way they couldn’t—not when they all feel pulled to her in a way they never have before.

While she’s planning on enjoying herself at the ball before going home to her empty bed, these three men have different plans. They each steal a dance with her, and by the end of the night, they’re all left to face the one truth they’ve been avoiding:

Not a single one of them can resist her. And now, they may not have to.

About the Author

Elira Firethorn is an author of dark, steamy, suspenseful romance. Writing has been her passion since she was fourteen years old, and it continues to be her favorite pastime—aside from reading.