Do you feel moved to create fictional universes that are just as diverse as our shared reality but are concerned about misrepresenting a community or marginalized group you aren’t a part of? My inclusion reading services may be able to help you with that.

Identity (Authenticity) Inclusion Reading

My father is Black and Puerto Rican and my mother is white. I struggled as a teen with feelings of not being “enough” of anything to really fit in once we moved from Southern California to Western Pennsylvania.

I served in the United States Army for 8.5 years and completed a 12-month deployement. My first duty station was at an infantry base, and I was a member of the Intelligence Community for 10 years, including my civilian work.

I was raised as a Christian, and it never really fit for me. Eventually, during my deployment, I found myself exploring various Pagan spiritual practices. I identify as an Eclectic Pagan, but have knowledge of many spiritual practices that fall under this umbrella. 

During my military time, I was raped twice. The first time was by an emotionally abusive boyfriend. I reported it and the military did nothing. The second time was the night I returned from Afghanistan by another Soldier I barely knew. 

Due to my deployment and being a rape survivor, I also have PTSD. Most of which I managed and healed from on my own (10/10 do not recommend). As a result, I have had responses that other people don’t understand, and the ensuing embarrassment and shame.

One of my children was adopted from within my family, and it was not an easy thing to do. 

I met my husband while we were deployed. Particularly with the current conversations around race, it hasn’t been easy to be married to someone from a different ethnic background.

Throughout my life I have often found myself alone in spaces that are predominantly white for a variety of reasons. Ex: when we first moved into our current neighborhood, I was mistaken for my kids nanny several times by neighbors.

Being married to someone with chronic illnesses is a tough and emotional path. There’s sometimes resentment that’s always accompanied by guilt. It’s a complex struggle to experience.

Fantasy/Sci-fi Inclusion Reading

If you have a book that’s built an entirely new world (including new beings) this option is for you. Concerns about the social dynamics between your book’s cultures, ethnic groups, etc. can be assessed with this reading.

General Inclusion Reading

This option is not meant to evaluate the authentic representation of any identity, but instead to spot unconscious problematic depictions.

For example, I cannot sensitivity read for a gay man character. I can shine a light on the fact that you made your villain the only major LGBTQIA+ character in your book and offer solutions to fix it, should you wish to.

Your book will be evaluated through a variety of social, psychological, and if applicable, historical lenses.


If you’d like me to also beta read your book, add .001 per word to the rates below.

Inclusion & Authenticity Reading & Analysis Rates

My rates for inclusion reading are also per word. Just think of me as your Inclusion Editor. 

30,000 or less: $ .009 per word

31,000-50,000: $ .008 per word

50,001-75,000: $ .007 per word

75,001-100,000: $ .006 per word

100,001-125,000: $ .005 per word

125,001+: $ .004 per word

If you are asking me to come in on an already started series, add on $25 per book to the projected fee. I have tried to proceed based on a synopsis of previous books, and it just doesn’t work. So I will have to read the previous books in your series. The exception to this is if you’re writing a series of interconnected standalones. 

Developmental Sensitivity Consultation

Did your imagination concoct a story that has you placing characters outside of your lived experience front and center?

Want to create a world that has rich cultures but aren’t sure how to develop societal issues in that world?

Have a ton of ideas bouncing around and want a sounding board from the perspective of any of the identities listed above?

Then your story may benefit from a sensitivity consultation.

During this $100 sixty-minute call, we’ll go over your proposed plot, and I’ll answer any questions you have and we’ll brainstorm to improve the presentation of your characters and their societal groups.

This call is typically done before you’ve begun any serious writing to help you get over any obstacles that are blocking your creativity as it relates to character development and world building.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Crisis Management Consulting

Did you publish your book only to later realize that you included:

  • harmful tropes and language
  • tokenism
  • misrepresentation
  • bad representation

This consulting package includes a walkthrough of the process to rapidly respond to a “problematic book” crisis.

It is not my intent to support bigots, however good people make mistakes. It’s what you do after you’ve made that mistake that matters.

This package includes:

  • initial assessment call (scheduled as soon as possible) and crisis plan development
  • support drafting your initial statement assistance where possible enacting your crisis plan
  • support drafting your second statement once your book is ready for republication
  • post mortem of the situation to determine how it happened and where you can improve your knowledge

If I have the required identities and a full sensitivity read is required, my fees above will apply with a 20% emergency fee added. This would be in addition to the crisis management consulting fee of $300.

I reserve the right to refuse any service to anyone for any reason. No refunds will be given because you don’t like my professional assessment and provided guidance.

My Qualifications & Training

SNHU Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
ruthies psychology bachelors diploma
Cornell Business Ethics Certificate
EQ-i 2.0 Certified (Emotional Intelligence)
EQi-2.0 cert
EIQ-2 Certified (Emotional Intelligence)
eiq 2 cert

I recently finished my social psychology degree program which has placed a heavy emphasis on personality development, social justice, and emotional intelligence.

My past as a Middle Eastern area studies expert and information analyst means that not only can I spot problematic depictions in your project, I have been trained to specifically explain why and provide sources that support my lived experiences and training.

Please send me a DM on either TikTok or Instagram!