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Rise of a Dark Throne Audio Reviews

“The author does a great job at bringing the surroundings to life. Lush and descriptive writing style and great characters. The narrator did an incredible job bringing each character to life and giving their voices distinctive personality.”

“Rise of a Dark Throne gives its listeners a rich, detailed and entertaining experience. With a fantasy world full of magic and unique lore for people of Sundom and Masa. The narrator’s ability to give the listeners different cadences for each character I felt really brought the story together. And even through the story is in 3person perspective, I found I could really connect with the characters on a deeper level. Likewise, the narrator’s pacing and the emotion invoked into the book will have the listeners wondering what to expect next.”

“There’s a lot to say about a story that can weave conversations about privilege into it’s very seams. […] Ruthie does not disappoint with her narration. She took a story that I very much enjoyed and brought it to life. I loved going back and getting to experience this story in a new way.”

Rise of a Dark Throne Book Blurb

When Sole awakens from the darkness, a terrifying plague that killed her family, she is left with the one thing she never wanted, Magick. She soon discovers that this rare power, thought to be long lost, has the ability to save her world. The tyrant King of Sundom summons her to serve his own purpose, setting her on an incredibly perilous journey. Sole soon finds herself navigating a dark web of politics, alluring power, desire, and great evil.

Rivian Alacor had his life all planned out. As the high-born second prince of Sundom, he could never be heir to the throne. Instead, he would lead the Sundom Guards, and when his brother became King, he would be part of his high council. Rivian would secure alliances by being mated to Selah Grado, the fairest and fiercest woman in Sundom. But, when his cruel father becomes infected with the Darkness, Rivian is sent on a journey to retrieve the first mage in generations. Meeting Sole changed everything.

Will they be the future of Transea, or will they burn it all down?

About the Author

Ligia is a Dominican American writer. Born in New York City. She spent many summers falling in love with the warm sandy beaches and Mangú of the Dominican Republic. All while reading exquisite fantasy romance novels.

Those experiences inspire worldbuilding in her novels. Graduating with two master’s degrees in counseling and human services drives how she brings her characters to life.