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Tentacles and Teeth Audio Reviews

“Hot freakin damn. This story had me in a chokehold since the START. By the end, I was in COMPLETE SHAMBLES. The story was 10/10, had me squirming and glancing around to make sure no one was around me to hear this straight filth. Ruthie did an amazing job narrating this book and bringing it to life. I mean, dear god, she acted out EVERYTHING and me clutching my pearls while panting like a bitch in heat.”

“As spicy Novellas go, this book gives us a clear picture of the world and the characters we expect to see. I really like the free and openness of the sotry when it comes to the relationships and romance partners. My favorite character in this book was Syd: she’s strong, funny, protective and beautiful. And I wasn’t just rooting for one paring over the other. I really felt like the relationship between the three leads just made sense, is very  natural and it did not seem forced at all. The narrator for this book is great. She spoke with a clear tone but differentiated the character voices with their dialogues perfectly. I could always tell the difference between each of the characters and I liked the way she gave Fenn’s character a subtle southern accent. Overall, I think the novella’s lightheartedness and exotica-filled story is amplified by the narrator performance.”

“Well, I have to admit I was pulled in by the cover and never read the blurb. This story gave me everything I didn’t even know I was looking for! So hot and yet also sweet Sid and Fenn make the perfect dynamic. The narrator was wonderful and allowed me to get lost in the story. Just what I love, definitely recommend this one!”

Katarina was only looking for one night.

An evening of no-strings fun with someone who knew what they were doing and wasn’t afraid of getting a little wild. One look at the gorgeous bartender with the midnight skin and waving tentacles, and she knew she needed to feel all those…appendages wrapped around her before the night was out. Lucky for her, the bartender was a woman who went after what she wanted, and oh, did she want.

More wasn’t on the table.

But when Katarina wakes up the next morning not only still desperate to touch her, but also talk to her, she’s forced to reevaluate. Maybe a relationship wouldn’t be so bad?

Especially a naked werewolf before coffee.

Running into her maybe-more-than-a-one-night-stand’s roommate in the hall was yet another thing she wasn’t prepared for. It might have helped if she wasn’t still reeling from the night before. Or if he hadn’t been completely nude. Or so…sexy. She wasn’t in the market for one relationship, much less two. But they were both so tempting…

Can she finish her plate? Or did she bite off more than she can chew?

About the Author

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Born and raised in the Pacific northwest, Rowan spends her days dreaming of less cloudy realities where people find love with all manner of monsters. When not writing, she’s chasing around her three partners, the tiny demon they created, and her pet hellhound.

For more information about Rowan and the contents of her books, please visit rowanmerrick.com